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The aim pursued by the ONCE  Social Group is that everyone, regardless of having a disability, age or accessing the website from unconventional technologies, can browse the pages of this website without encountering access difficulties, in other words, enjoy total accessibility.

To this end, the development of the ONCE Social Group website has been based on compliance with the Web 2.0 Content Accessibility Guidelines established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).



Some of the functionalities that were implemented in the ONCE Social Group’s website to allow easier access to all the contents of the website are as follows:

  • Font sizes have been defined with relative units so that the font size can be scaled up or down from the browser options.
  • There is a link available to select a high contrast colour palette.
  • The pages have a clear structure both for the user who can see all the content and for the user who reads the information with a screen reader.

At the beginning there is a small search engine followed by links to the main sections of the WEB. Below, indicated with the text "You are in", you will find links that inform you of the exact point where you are.

After these common elements throughout the website, the specific content of the page is displayed. The different sections are marked as section headings. Users of speech synthesis screen readers will thus be able to move easily between the different sections by pressing the letter "H".

  • The HTML and CSS code used conforms to formal grammars to ensure the correct display of content in different browsers.