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Is there anyone who likes having to depend on others to do anything in everyday or professional life?

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The same activities that are easy for some, others require more efforts in finding ways to do them, more time or sometimes they cannot do them at all. This is not always due to capacity, but to lack of adaptation or lack of access to these activities. This inequality means that we do not all have the same opportunities and this is what, as a society, makes us lose our ability to move forward and grow.

Achieving independence for all persons with disabilities is and will continue to be the ONCE Social Group’s main priority, which is why our actions are aimed at helping to achieve this. We all want to stand on our own two feet and reach our full potential, and we will help you to achieve it!

2023 AUTONOMÍA. Bullet points

Universal accessibility

Modifying physical and digital environments to make them accessible to all; influencing policies and laws; installing ramps, sounds, accessible signage, Braille signs and other initiatives are part of our daily work. Empowerment is also achieved when there is equal access to training and employment opportunities for all people.

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We implement different actions aimed at improving the welfare of our members. This is conducted by providing information, guidance and counselling, after making an individualised assessment of the needs of each person and their family environment.
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Our mission is to work to ensure that criteria and standards are established, known and applied when designing, constructing, adapting and maintaining the environment, its facilities, products and services so that they achieve, maintain or improve their levels of accessibility.
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We work to transform environments and promote equal opportunities for all people. We believe in universal accessibility for all, everywhere.