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You come across the ONCE Social Group every day on the street. Were you aware of this? We are there generating quality jobs and we do it with a wide range of products and services through our brands: ONCE, ONCE Foundation and Ilunion.

This ability to be in so many places requires a high-level of professionalism, specialisation and excellence in management, without forgetting why we do it and our purpose. You make equal opportunities for persons with disabilities possible every time you put your trust in us and activate our capacity.

Look at all the social investment opportunities that are generated every time you buy one of our products or, as a company, contract one of these services:

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What can we offer you?

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2023 ÁREAS DE ACTIVIDAD. También puedes colaborar con ONCE y Fundación ONCE como voluntari@

You can also collaborate with the ONCE and the ONCE Foundation as a volunteer

If you are over 18, you can take part in our ONCE volunteering programmes: Accompaniment, access to information, sport, culture, dissemination or international programmes. With your commitment and dedication, you will help more than 70,000 ONCE members, favouring a fairer and more equal world for everyone.

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ONCE Volunteering


We improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities with the collaboration of volunteers like you.

At the ONCE Foundation we work to achieve the full inclusion of persons with disabilities. In this volunteering, the disability, age, race or gender of the giver and the receiver do not matter. Will you join us?

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2023 ÁREAS DE ACTIVIDAD. Cita de Miguel Carballeda sobre voluntarios gente bonita

Volunteers are beautiful people who move forward and never stop. Thank you for being with us, for giving us your arm and leaving us a little corner in your heart.
Miguel Carballeda
President of ONCE Social Group