Social investment

2023 INVERSIÓN SOCIAL. Frase inicio

At the ONCE Social Group, talking about social investment means making equal opportunities for persons with disabilities a reality. To achieve this, we reinvest 100% of our profits in achieving this goal.


INVERSIÓN SOCIAL. Datos de nuestra aportación social anual

2.584 training, employment and accessibility projects
70.490 blind persons with coverage
130 new trained guide dogs. 979 assets in Spain
7.271 blind pupils. 99.6% in integrated education
162.537 volunteer hours
26 jobs a day for persons with disabilities

INVERSIÓN SOCIAL. Formacion-Empleo-Cultura

TRAINING More than 529.000 hours of training.
EMPLOYMENT 8.401 new permanent contracts.
CULTURE AND SPORT 6.496 socio-cultural animation and sports promotion activities.

2023 INVERSIÓN SOCIAL. Crees que el beneficio económico (texto e imágenes)

Do you believe that profit is the ultimate goal of companies? 
At the ONCE Social Group, we seek to promote a society that move forward by transforming the business sector through social balance. Our commitment is that all people should have a quality job, regardless of any type of disability.
We believe in the talent of people and therefore, we also shape all their life projects at all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.
Every euro earned is invested in specific actions aimed at achieving full inclusion: generating quality jobs; developing training programmes; innovating in accessibility and technology; and promoting entrepreneurship projects, among others.

2023 INVERSIÓN SOCIAL. El Grupo Social ONCE y sus sedes, proyectos

The ONCE Social Group and its headquarters, projects, foundations, services and schools

In our untiring intention to achieve a fairer world, better distributed and with equality for all persons with disabilities, whatever their condition, he ONCE Social Group has many national and international projects, specific social services, foundations, schools, occupational centres, support programmes, specialised attention to professionals, psychosocial and psychological help, etc. These are some of our featured centres and programmes:

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The ONCE Guide Dog Foundation

Dogs are our best friends, also for blind persons. At the ONCE Guide Dog Foundation (FOPG) we have spent decades caring for, training and giving affection to the animals that will be the eyes of persons who cannot see, favouring their autonomy and mobility.

The Foundation has a breeding and training centre, with more than 50 professionals with proven experience and highly specialised.

You can collaborate in many ways with the Foundation for example, by adopting one of the little puppies that, when they grow up, will become the best friend of a blind person, by helping these little puppies to live in a healthy, loving and family environment.
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ONCE University School of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a guarantee of a professional future for visually impaired persons. In 1964 the ONCE founded the School of Physiotherapy, what we know today as the EUF, as it is now the Physiotherapy a centre attached to the Autonomous University of Madrid. It is a teaching centre with highly qualified professionals who offer provide a personalised and quality service.

Internships take place in nationally renowned centres, which are recognised in the health world. The EUF is also committed to research and has a laboratory with different areas such as movement analysis for the prevention of illnesses.

In order to improve the training of its graduates, postgraduate courses are programmed to bring them up to date at the highest level. It is an open school which also offers places to non-disabled persons, with the best coaches.

The ONCE University School of Physiotherapy Conference is held annually is held annually.
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Educational Resource Centres (CRE)

With more than 80 years of experience in education for students with a visual impairment, the former ONCE schools created in the 60s of the last century have evolved into what we know today as CRE, Educational Resource Centres.

Currently, the CRE in Madrid, Pontevedra, Seville, Barcelona and Alicante provide coverage for 7,400 students from all over Spain, 99% of them studying with a quality education that is integrated in all ordinary schools and institutes, who receive from the CREs advice, joint work, adapted materials and direct attention to students who are blind or with severe visual impairment, and for their families.

The CRE in Madrid, a fully accessible and adapted building, is the only one with boarding students, focused on a model of support for children with deafblindness and others with specific educational needs. It has different laboratories and multi-sensory rooms for the closest and most specialised attention, with the aim of helping students to improve and join mainstream education.
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The ONCE Foundation for the Care of Persons with Deafblindness

FOAPS was created in 2007 with the intention of attending to the specific needs of persons with deafblindness - with almost 4,000 ONCE members - one of the disabilities that generates the most isolation and communication problems. Education, employment and communication become necessary levers to achieve social and occupational integration and improve the quality of life of this group. The aim is to foster their human and intellectual development.
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Knowledge centre at Ilunion companies

A digital knowledge centre to enhance and reinforce internal and external learning. This space is divided into different libraries as a repository of good internal and external practices, benchmarking, attendance at conferences and events, among others.

2023 INVERSIÓN SOCIAL. Fundación ONCE y la Universidad

The ONCE Foundation and University

We are convinced that in order to move forward in the full inclusion of persons with disabilities we must make it easier for them to access to university education, increase the number of persons with disabilities in higher education and promote their professional inclusion in technical and skilled jobs.

The ONCE Foundation develops the following programmes and initiatives:
Un grupo de chicas sentadas en el césped y sonriendoInternational Congress 'University and Disability”

Every two years, the ONCE Foundation organises the International Congress 'University and Disability', where ideas, strategies and good practices of inclusive universities, prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century, are debated. 

University Programme

The ONCE Foundation, with the collaboration of the European Social Fund, has launched a university training programme aimed at young persons with intellectual, developmental and/or autistic spectrum disabilities, which allows them to access university and study a separate degree in social and labour skills in order to approach employment and promote their autonomy and personal development.

The programme takes place in universities throughout the country through an annual call for applications and all universities and is open for participation to all young persons with an intellectual disability between 18 and 30 years of age who are registered in the national youth guarantee system.

Por Talento Digital Programme

Por Talento Digital is one of our training programmes in digital skills and technological professions of the ONCE Foundation. The Foundation is permanent, it allows persons with disabilities to be trained in the digital sphere and to become qualified, and it favours the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labour market in this much needed and highly demanded area.

Grants programme

Programmes for persons with disabilities to promote higher education, specialisation, language skills, competitive sport, research and paid academic internships in companies.
These scholarship programmes are co-financed by the European Social Fund and some corporate sponsors.

  • Por Talento Digital Grants: individual training grants within the framework of the Por Talento Digital Programme to implement training actions in the technological and digital field.
  • Oportunidad al Talento Grants: grants for university students with disabilities in the following categories: master’s and postgraduate courses, international mobility, studies and sport, vocational training, research and PhD studies.
  • Grants for Languages Abroad: grants for language courses abroad for young people between 18 and 29 years of age.
  • ONCE-CRUE Foundation Grants: grants for paid external academic internships for university students in their final years.
  • Alumni Grants: specific grants to study at the University of Navarre and at the Carlos III University of Madrid.
  • United World Schools grants to study the baccalaureate abroad.

Information on ONCE Foundation grants